What a wedding! We're honoured to have been there to celebrate original drummer Chad's tying of the knot last weekend, and shred some new tunes for our ever-growing family.

Even more honoured to be joined on stage by not only the man himself, smashing out the crux of our set with two drum kits, but also super Sam Copp tearing up the Alright Cheryl solo from Andy's shoulders and Chainska Brassika's very own sax extraordinaire Tom Keel holding it down like a boss throughout.

What a beautiful bunch you all are, so much love x

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Couldn't have said it better ourselves. We grew up playing at Maker, going to gigs at the White Rabbit, running circle pits to ska punk in C103. These experiences shaped us into the musicians we are today, these grassroots venues provided us with a stage to play on and an audience to play to.

Take that away, where is the next generation of music going to come from? Kids sat making noises in their bedrooms and chucking it out on YouTube? The UK music scene has always been so much more than that, and still can be. Get involved, support you local venues and fight tooth and nail keep them open.

Only a handful of tickets left for tonight's end of summer smash up at The Watering Hole - who's coming out to play?? Masters of all things funk The Soul Stroke are up first, and we're sticking around after to get LOOOSE so we'll catch you all for sweaty hugs at the end. Let's do this thing!

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Plymouth - you were something else! Big up yourselves for surviving the sweatiest show of all time, big up Lacey for jumping up and spitting some next level freestyle and beatbox, and big up the lovely Rachel for these amazing photographs.

That was a truly special night, and not one we'll forget in a hurry. Love love x

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Cornwall! This Friday! Who's coming out to play?

We'll be bringing in the bank holiday with a raucous rabble-raising show at the one and only The Watering Hole in Perranporth, with funk foursome The Soul Stroke. Get involved, it's a big old venue but tickets are flying out.


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